Your health care and treatment should be at the top of your list of priorities. Just as back home, you need to get to know your G.P. and more importantly, he should get to know you. Whether or not you are entitled to national health treatment in Spain it is crucial to remember that the private sector provides rapid appointments and consultations thus avoiding long waiting periods to see specialists, obtain treatment and hospital admission. Private individual bedroom suites are provided, the hospitals and clinics are modern and well equipped and have many multilingual doctors, nursing and administration staff.

Two basic types of medical insurance may be contracted. One is the reimbursement scheme where you choose the doctor and medical service then submit the bills to the company for reimbursement. These policies give complete freedom of choice but are usually more expensive and controlled by upper limits on what you can spend.

By far the more popular style of policy is the pre contracted facilities policy where doctors, specialists and hospitals are contracted by the insurance company and although there will be certain restrictions and limitations no capital upper limit is stipulated.

As brokers we are currently using several different suppliers each offering a choice of products to suit all requirements and budgets and from as little as 30 euros per person per month.