Legal defence and protection is imperative with motor insurance here in Spain. As soon as an injury, however small, has been reported, the claims system automatically provokes a jurisdicial action. Specialist legal companies are often contracted by the insurers to defend their rights and, in a lesser way, those of their clients. All our motor policies run alongside a specialized, independant legal defence and protection policy designed to  protect our client and help to achieve an amicable settlement in the most simple of claims and, when necessary, providing lawyers and barristers.

Modern tendencies have given way to the growing custom of private litigation for a host of varying situations. This can cause frustrations and at the worse can lead to fines, embargos and court action.

YOU NEED LEGAL ADVICE to help you with the administrative bureaucracy of the community of owners, town hall, tax office, police and utility services.You may need to tackle a problem with your neighbour or check on your consumer rights. All these and many other situations can be dealt with by a direct link to a designated lawyer. The family legal protection policy is economical and a must for homeowners in Spain.